Sunday, May 18, 2008

rainy weather sunday

happy sunday all! Some ideas for a perfect home manicure/pedicure~

So to do some fun hand painting, last night i polished my nails after a long jeweler's pliers and endless wiring jobs have left the hands and nails a bit shabby...and since i AM a girly girl, I decided it was high time to girlify :) ** i upped the ante by adding a french tip to the ends...i highly recommend Nailene, nail adhesives for a perfect tip. You place the sticker on the end of your nail and then polish the's like a tiny sticker stencil. after it dries, you just remove the sticker and apply polish...if your not used to painting, it may take some time to get used to. Roll polish between your palms and then wipe excess polish on the edge of the bottle, you really just need a thin coat. (use 2 coats of white) I also found the perfect pink sheer, it's called French pink by the brand CQ. It's a drugstore brand that cost $3 but it's wonderful and even better than the salon brand polished. I have deep olive skin so i have trouble finding a flattering shade of pink...quite the steal! (use 2 coats and then top coat- Seche Vite is a great, top coat)

For another great nail idea for feet, try this out: I used a bright red (OPI retro red) and then used a craf flat 'head pin' to do a dainty mosaic on my big toes. Dip the flat head of the pin into a blob of white nail polish and gently 'drop' a tiny drop onto the nail. I covered half of the big toe with tiny white dots for an artsy, mosaic :)

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