Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hey Everyone! Well, it's the moment you've been waiting for! FREE NECKLACE GIVEAWAY #2: Welcome to "THE NUTTIEST GAME."

WHY: Well, with the Economy as it is and the weather getting chilly for many of us, I thought, HEY, lets have some fun and get NUTTY to cheer up!

HOW: To enter the drawing, think of something silly, funny, an interesting story or even a joke. The 'nuttier' the better! Then, in the comments section located just under this rules list, marked COMMENT, click and write in your story. Since this may take a little thought, you have until 2pm Sunday Oct. 12 to complete your story. If your story is longer than the limit on the comments, email it to me at I LOVE TO READ! I MAJORED IN ENGLISH IN COLLEGE!

It will be fun for all since the comments are public you can read each others and have a chuckle too! PLUS, if the winner ok's it, the funniest, best comment will be published in the ARTWARK blog next weekend as the main posting, so you can tell your friends to read your winning piece!! Anyone can play. Artwark, will choose the winner. Please leave your email address in the comments or a name so I can identify the winner. Check back to see if you won on Monday Oct. 13, and if you did, email me @ so we can arrange delivery (free of course!)

WHAT: YOU WILL WIN FANCY PANTS, An acorn necklace!!

Good luck everyone and let the sillyness begin!!


SCHOOL GAL said...

Last year, I was walking through campus and all of a sudden something small hit me in the i look up and see nothing at all!! So after class Im walking in the same place ( i was under a tree) and something hits me in the head I'm mad and looking all around up and this kid is walking by and says...hey i think something likes you...and points up, so I look up and THERES A SQUIRREL literally DROPPING acorns on my head!!!!!!! This is a true story!!!!


Amanda said...

My border collie loves to chase and bark at squirrels. Often times he sits at the sliding glass door and barks at them until I let him out.

I guess the squirrels caught on that I need to open the glass door for the dog to get out because they now sit within three feet of the door eating their nuts and watching the dog go crazy. It's fun to watch them tease him!

Nancy Z said...

So this guy I know used to go to school down south. His professor/mentor passed away and the mentor's wife insisted that the guy take his brand new leather jacket (among other things) Now, my friend could not refuse, though he was terrified of the dead/ghosts. Anyhow, eventually the fear wore off and he decided to wear the jacket along with new pants. On the way back from class, he would take a shortcut through this wooded area. So he's walking through the woods, and hears this whosh whoosh sound every time he walks. At first he ignores it, then he starts to get REALLY scared. Every time he walks the noise starts. When he is still it stops. He is so scared he dials 911 but then stops, wondering the heck he's going to report...a ghost has come to get his jacket back? Not sure whether to laugh or cry he walks faster and the sounder comes faster...just as he's really about to lose it, he looks down and realizes its HIS PANTS! His new leathery type pants rubbing together when he walk LOL.

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Well. My friends just told me what happened to one of my friends, Elm, yesterday. She's a gymnast and she took part in a recent competition. Having practiced hard many times a week, she was confident she would win. As you know, all gymnasts wear a leotard which is quite bare(a bit like a swimsuit). During the competition, she did excellent & won the 1st prize! She noticed her team mates all looking at her & she thought to herself "OH! they must be proud of me!" One of her team mate actually started walking towards her & my friend thought to herself again "YAY! She's going to congratulate me!"

And this was what her team mate said "Elm, you tampon string is sticking out from your leotard!"

My friend supposedly turned red in embarrassment!!!


Shahed said...

Shahed said...
A friend of mine never saw his own butt. Recently he had a fight with his wife and the wife started to spank him on the butt. The next morning my friend found himself all sored. So, he went in front of a mirror, took off his pants and looked at his butt. All of a sudden he screamed. His wife came rushing to him and asked him what happened? In reply, he said to his wife "How could you be so cruel? Last night you had beaten me so hard that my butt got split into two pieces!!".

Starr said...

A year or so ago, we got a box full of books and with it there were several 'strands' of brown, kraft paper as filler. They were quite long. Seriously long; maybe 20 feet or so and about 3 feet wide. My daughter (four at the time) decided to grab one end of the paper and run back and forth from the front door to the backdoor. Well, our cats decided they wanted in on all the fun and shortly after they started chasing the paper, my sister's dog (just a tiny beagle puppy only 4 months old at the time) jumped on one end of the paper right behind our cat. She didn't care about the paper at all.. she wanted that cat! So there she was, three legs on the paper and the 4th leg (back right) she was using just like a kid on a skateboard trying to make that darn paper go faster so she could catch the cat.

We nearly wet ourselves and then cursed ourselves for not taking a video of it.

Gachine said...

A friend I had a while back was horsing around the neighborhood; him and a few hooligans were vandalizing this abandoned building, you know graffiti. Well, out of nowhere he hears a cop car pull up and before he could even comprehend what was happening, he dropped that spray can and ran for his life. He ran and ran and kept running though the police didn't even pursue him. Well, my friend found himself having trouble breathing and didn't know what to do. So he saw a payphone and called guess who... 911. The conversation went something like this:

* Dispatcher: 911
* Caller: Yeah, I'm having trouble breathing. I'm all out of breath. Darn....I think I'm going to pass out.
* Dispatcher: Sir, where are you calling from?
* Caller: I'm at a pay phone. North and Foster.
* Dispatcher: Sir, an ambulance is on the way. Are you an asthmatic?
* Caller: No
* Dispatcher: What were you doing before you started having trouble breathing?
* Caller: Running from the Police


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