Monday, November 10, 2008

Some reminders

Morning all! I hope you had a fun filled weekend! Be sure to play the mega makeover game in my nov. 5 posting for your chance to win the big prize! Game ends Midnite on wednesday the 12th!!

This was a learning weekend for me. I went to Canada to visit my very sick grandmother who helped raise us as kids. They say she is in the last stages of her illness and though the whole family was there, with her in that condition, things just didn't feel right without her usual chatter.

*It made me realize that life is short and every day should be 'lived.' Always remember your loved ones and show them you do. The last thing she said to me last month when she was still speaking is "always do what YOU want. Be with the person YOU like, do the job YOU love, but always do what you WANT." Powerful words coming from someone married at 14, with 7 children and trotting the globe her whole life to keep the family unified! I wonder if she wanted to do things differently? Food for thought....

After you enter the makeover giveaway bundle below, be sure to leave a comment on todays post too with something YOU want to do and haven't gotten around to doing. There is no time like the present to do what you want and seeing it written, especially in a public forum may be just the right push we need! You don't have to be specific, just a note for you...I have posted my to do list, to get it going...


Check back on November 14th (my birthday!!) for my WINTER 08 Fashion fave list!!

warm wishes

Sarah @ artwark

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Artwark's to do list:

1) Make that phone call
2) Sign up for the exam

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