Sunday, December 7, 2008

Midnight Mantra!

Good evening! I seem to be an insomniac lately, and here i am posting at 1:40AM in the tell you what I have been up to lately. I know for some time now I have been putting up lots of specials and interesting stuff, but getting back to the roots of my blog, heres a good 'ol write up (like back in April when i first began blogging)...

Next sunday, Im going to be at the Buffalo Indie Market, Holiday event. Be sure to check out for details on the show. Live music, lots of handmade and food :) I'm really excited and for the first time, I am not nervous! Usually prior to a show (i have only done 6 so far in my life!) I am frantically making necklaces til the wee hours. But this time I have a new approach...the chill out approach. My best friend, Michelle and I have a history of finding ourselves overwhelmed with tons to do and little we just tell ourselves, 'you know, we could just not do it at all!' And oh, how i love this girl for giving me this Mantra...said by Her mama...its the perfect phrase to just chill out.... because most things we do in life, are really not so magnanimous that we need to actually get as stressed out as we do about them. Interesting concept, no?

After all, many things we are doing in the present stem from a desire we have to do that thing, so we should learn to enjoy the moment we are living in, basking in the luxury of being alive and IN that moment. (As opposed to getting nervous and anxious about that very thing) otherwise, we could just not do it at all! (=

that said, i have been managing my time a little wiser, setting aside time to make/ship orders, create new, post and study for the Law school entrance exam I have been putting off far too long! Im also really excited that my Mothers Love necklace made the HOT TRENDS staffers pick on Etsy, front page on Nov 15 (the day after my Birthday!) ANDDD, another fellow blogger, posted a piece on her site, randomly...yay! I will be doing bigger things with that Mothers love necklace, so stay tuned in the upcoming months....

heres hoping that YOU are having a wonderful night, sweetly dreaming about the funtastic holidays coming up: EID, Christmas, Hanukkah...gnite my sweets...and come back monday for a sneak preview giveaway game! (also...if you read this far...take $3 off any purchase at artwark shops...just mention this ad)



MissLilith said...

Sarah, keep up the amazing work. Your designs are stunning. I wouldn't mind owning the whole store. Good luck on those LSATS.

Alyssa said...

Tell us about the sneak preview giveaway game! :)

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

Im soooo glad you ask's a hint, the top left corner of the blog....

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