Thursday, December 25, 2008

Upon the New Year

Hi all!! Its high time to get our minds working! In the midst of jewelry shopping at Artwark, I hope that you all read about the backgrounds to each of my pieces. The meanings of them. I recently had a beautiful customer, Sharon email me, who was very pleased with her purchase The Flying Free Bird necklace...based on the quote "when one door closes, another always opens." So i wanted to convey some food for thought on the upcoming year today...

We are on the brink of the new year...with the new Inauguration fast approaching, I have been anticipating a fantastic future for our country in the upcoming years....this in mind, it is clearly time to compose a new Years Resolution!!

What are you thinking of resolving?? This year, perhaps we should all let go of the superficial resolutions: losing those 5 pounds or excelling materialistically. Perhaps this year, we should look into what is truly important: helping others, doing a good deed each day or quietly acting out kindly, standing up for someone less fortunate without the need for a pat on the back or credit.

In light of a good national future, let's improve the 'standard of life' in a more organic way. Helping people, taking care of the environment or doing something that is a soulful resolution.

In Indian culture, the body is considered a mask, that without proper cleansing, and manipulation is just a pile of skin and stink (sorry if this is disturbing, it is still the Truth) In comparison The soul is always clean, intangible, and perfect, if the person lets it be so. If not, if can be a foul thing as well. In Indian culture there is a focus on perfecting sould rather than the outer self. Karma (a popular theme you may see in my pieces) teaches "what goes around comes around" with the importance of how we treat other people. And if we give out goodness, it will come back to us for thought...

Think deep! Whats your REsoulUTION??
feel free to post a comment...

much love
Sarah @ artwark


avagdro said...

Wish you all Happy New year beforehand.Well my new year resolution is to stop procrastinate,Self check based on witnessing self,make everyone around me a Happy place,Not to find faults in others,if at all I will look into my faults and put an end to them.Taking complete responsibility where ever I may be.
From the bottom of my Heart I wish tremendous peace,absolute Happiness and eternal life to all.


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Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

thats a beautiful reSOULution! Thanks so much for the first comment on this posting :)

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