Thursday, January 1, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone!! I hope your evening was a blast :) To start the year fresh! I have ALWAYS loved the YEARS best products lists so I thought I would make one for us to share and read here at the blog :) Here is a list of my favorite beauty products this year...please add you own favorites my clicking on the comments link under this post and writing your own faves! Although my usual regimen is a little powder and eyeliner, here is a list of every day fave list of great products, but easy on the wallet. After working In cosmetics/skincare for 4 years during college, I can really tell you that its not the brand that proves worth but the item itself!!

1) Fave Facewash: Neutrogena Oil Free Grapfruit wash~This stuff works really nicely and smells fantastic! The "blast" of citrus truly wakes you up & energizes first thing in the morning!!

2) Acne Fighter: Benziclene: This creme/gel works REALLY fast and has cleared up my skin within DAYS...I'm talking serious blemish fighter!! I just put some on before bed at night (prescription only)

3) Shampoo/Conditioner: Tea Tree Shampoo! Any brand is fine, Paul Mitchell is best..its so invigorating and makes the whole scalp tingle!! AVON Olive oil hair mask....smells great and it SUPER conditioning! Also VO5 Moisture Milk in strawberries and creme or Vanilla Mint tea clarifying... they smell like heavan and work great!

4) Hair Product: AVON Mousse: for lots of volume! Paul Mitchell: Skinny Serum: for shine and control!

5) Other hair aid: A) Turbie twist: Rolls up the hair and dries it quickly so your clothes never gets wet from long hair B) Round brush~ created lots of movement and body in layered hair

6) Fave eyeliner: Lava Gloss (urban Decay) super creamy and shiny eyeliner for inside lining, AVON metallics liquid liner in Black for a stunning Cat eye look (and its only $3)

7) Deodorant: Good ol' Secret solid invisible stick

8) Bodywash: cleans and adds moisture

9) Skincare: OILS!! Baby oil with a little sugar mixed in beats all those expensive scrubs!!

10) At home face scrub: Mixing Yogurt, honey and a little crushed oatmeal..moisturizes, soothes and scrubs away dead skin

11)Nailcare~i use my hands for work all the time and this combination is fantastic! It makes my at home manis last a week... Diamond Nail files (strong and lasting)4 sided buffer from the $1 store. Sephora cuticle trimmer in the small size, Borghese Magnetico Base coat~ OPI, ESSIE, Sephora or Sally Hansen Nail color (2 coats) Seche Vite dry fast top coat. This combination of products never fails me! Tip: thin layers of polish, put a line of topcoat over the edge of the nail to last longer. VOILA!!

12) Best face makeup: Physicians Formula Minerals comes in a compact with a small mirror inside and a brush to apply...easy coverage and convenient

13) Blush: MARK peach blush

14) Lips: Im a fan of lip plumpers! Buxom Lips by Bare escentuals has pretty color, CLINIQUE full potential is really glossy and moisturizing while the BALM works very quickly and smells fantastic with dessert like flavors!

15) Best beauty aid: Shiseido Eyelash curler...this one tool can make you go from looking tired and sleepy to awake and cute! I have used this on and off since High school.

WHAT'S IN MY PURSE AT ALL TIMES?? Mineral Powder, Lip Gloss, Black Eyeliner and Lash Curler. Quick and enough for ANY occassion...

What are your faves....

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