Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Valentines necklaces!

Hey All! Hope your week is going fabulously! Other than the frigid temperature in NY (its currently a whopping 5 degrees brrrrrr) things are lookin good! Its also forcing me to stay indoors where I have been laboring over new and exciting Valentine's-esque the left column, are some of my ONE OF A KIND necklaces that are ONLY available until this sunday. They are being auctioned at my ebay shop. To bid, just click on the photos and follow through on ebay. Once these are gone, they are gone forever!

My favorite love necklace is available for purchase...this victorian style HEARTS DESIRE/BLEEDING HEART necklace for the lover or the broken hearted. Anyone will love this...i have been wearing mine since i made it and have receive many compliments. Some of the parts are Vintaj, the bronzed natural brass company. A very popular look right now for it's modern edge on old victorian style jewelry. I tried it before and didn't like it. Click on the post title to get your bids in on this beauty!

As for Vintaj, after some coaxing by my local bead supplier, I tried it again and behold! It actually can be very pretty indeed. For this particular piece, I wanted to use some unusual combination and here it is in genuine garnet and swarovski pearls, taking it from ordinary to luxurious! Check out the left column for a few additional newbies in my Valentines 08 collection!

Monday i will have a list of my top picks by other artists for this Valentines sure to check it out :)

much love!
Sarah @


Nujhat said...

Wow. These are really beautiful! Great job.

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

thanks!! :D Keep checking back at Etsy I will be posting quite a few new items soon there as well :)

The Pretty Peacock said...

OoooH!!! This is really lovely!!! :)

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