Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special Love giveaway!

Morning everyone :D

As promised, Here is my After Valentines Necklace giveaway!!!

WHAT: My best seller, the Kissing Lovebirds Necklace! Two precious Birds with a darkened patina showing off feathery details meet in a kiss while in flight! RSP: $28 It will come on a special LOVE COLLECTION backing. Perfect for gift giving or keeping as a treat for yourself, it has been really popular both online and at my shows. Shown here in Silver, but I also have it in a Matte Gold and Shiny Gold plated finish...YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!

WHY: Im starting out my SPRING 09 collection and would like to know what you all are interested in seeing this season!

HOW: To play, Take the Vote on the Poll in the top left corner of the blog by simply clicking on your choice of necklace ideas...then in the comments section link (at the bottom right of this post, labeled COMMENTS) Leave your email address, so i can contact you when you win!!! I would love to hear details on your choices, but for this quick and easy contest just the contact info will do.

WHEN: This special contest is only going to run until Wednesday, Feb. 25th 12midnight. So be sure to get your votes in!!!

WHO: Anyone can play!!

good luck!!



Alyssa said...

I voted for the gemstones in colors like aqua because I LOVE aqua. I also like the idea of nature inspired peices, but the aqua seemed more "spring-y" and the nature styles seem more fall. said...

My vote is for nature/branch pieces, I love really organic looking jewelry that looks like it's growing!


Gachine said...

I like pieces of jewelry to stand out, that's why I chose the gemstones in vibrant colors. I hope to see pieces like this soon!

Anonymous said...

My Personal favorite are nature branches, leaves, flowers for summer/spring. maybe clustered with stones!

Laurie said...

I voted for the vibrant colors because I think it would be a good spring time theme. Get out of the "blahness" of winter by wearing some fun and colorful jewelry!

Clare said...

I voted for gemstones in aqua, however my second (very close runner up) choice was nature charms. I actually really (really) like the idea of a combination of them somehow. I love color in my jewelry, but I also like that little splash of originality which comes with natural themes.

Nujhat said...

I voted for the gemstones in vibrant colors because I think vibrant colors evokes the lively energy of spring. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I voted for gemstones in vibrant colors because spring is the perfect time for statement peices - vibrant colors would absolutely stand out this season

iluvlucy8 said...

I really am developing a likeness for natural looking jewelry. But I like almost everything.

Anonymous said...

I voted for the aqua, because that is my favorite color and it makes me think of the beach and ocean, where we all want to be! Love your jewelry!

Chele_Belle said...

I went for the gemstones in vibrant colors. Love everything you do!


Shanna said...

I voted for aqua tones since I'm a water baby--love the beach, diving, etc!

my e-mail: shannahoward"at"

MintBetty said...

I voted for simple silver/gold pieces!

Anonymous said...

I voted for the nature or branch pieces. I recently bought your gold plated feather earrings and necklace, and my other favourite pieces that I own are a pair of clover earrings, and an imitation animal tooth. I like the nature/branch pieces the best, because they're unique, and are not common in a lot of jewelery stores!


Nadine said...

Gemstones in aqua!

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