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Artisan vignette KateJewelry

My latest artisan fave is Kate, a talented Jewelry artisan from California. Read on for her interview and a glimpse of some her fabulous pieces... All of these pieces are available at Kate's website! Kate handmakes each piece by making wax molds and casting in Silver and gold! 100% handmade! I just love the quirky ideas behind each piece like the nuts for you necklace and the cheery-o pendants! I just placed an order for a fun flake necklace and can't wait to see it!

Q:) I really love how your shop has the feminine/tough dual identity going one. Tell me about it....
A:) I've always been really into the girl power thing and challenging that "glass ceiling" concept. My connection with this goes way back to high school when I played Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play and dubbed myself "Juliet Caesar." With my hardware inspired pieces I am definitely blurring the line and taking elements that are normally hard, industrial and masculine and feminizing them by making them ornamental, pretty accessories. I think that we all have the opportunity to make a meaningful or fun statement with our personal adornments.

Q:)when did you get into making jewelry/metalsmithing?
A:)...when I was in college at Loyola Marymount University, I took a jewelry/metalsmithing class as an art elective with a talented jeweler(Sue Dorman) and I really liked it. I soon started making my own pieces that people kept complimenting, thus, I decided to continue my study by taking the advanced jewelry making class in conjunction with starting my own jewelry line. I figured it would be the perfect part-time job that would compliment my acting career and other endeavors. My line started out with more pre-made beaded elements but I quickly decided to take the next step towards making all my original beads, pendants, etc. so that my pieces could be truly original.

Q:) Tell me more about your life as an actress...I noticed that some celebrities/models wear your jewelry from the photos in your listing...

A:)My life as an actress in Los Angeles is definitely a roller coaster ride, but I can thankfully call myself a "working actress." I've been acting, and studying acting, since high school, as well as minoring in theatre in college. I have worked fairly consistently for a few years now with roles on Entourage and various independent and studio movies, tv shows, etc. Most of my current friends I met through working on different projects and in acting class, and lucky for me, many of them are stunning ladies who like my jewelry and support my business by posing as jewelry models! So yes, I believe on Etsy the pictures that you see are of Debi Mazar, Rachel Specter and Natalie Distler... as well as some of me and my little sister Tess.

Q:) What is something really weird about you :) a hobby or whatever..

A:)Hm, I think I'm overall a weird person, which may or may not reflect in my designs. I actually pride myself on being quirky and a bit "off," I think it makes life more fun. But one thing I guess would be spawned from my Waldorfian education. I went to a Waldorf school from kindergarden through twelfth grade and I wasn't allowed to watch tv until high school. We also were encouraged to be hyper creative and talk to the fairies and gnomes. I still believe in fairies, and ghosts! Next hobby I want to work on my psychic abilities, I guess that's pretty weird.

Q:)If you could go anywhere in the universe, what would be your destination pick and why!!

A:) Wow, that's a toughie. I feel as though my current answer to that has to be an earthly destination since I'm still young and haven't explored enough of our planet to justify wanting to go elsewhere. So, right now, I'd probably go to a tropical rainforest somewhere. I know most life species and natural medicines are discovered there and I think it would be an enriching, exciting and oxygen-filled adventure.

Q:)Who is your hero and why

A:)I have many, but probably my little sister Tess. Even though she is 6 and a half years younger than me she is an inspiration to me with her intelligence, strength and wisdom. We have been through a lot together and are incredibly close siblings. She is definitely an old soul, but sometimes a pain in the you-know-what!

Q:)I have to ask from our previous convo, What is A Waldorfian School??
A:) Waldorf school is based on a philosophy of education thought up by a man named Rudolf Steiner. There are many layers, but essentially it's about encouraging the natural creativity that all children have and letting them learn everything through more interactive and creative means as to make it more personal for each individual. I always give the example that we never had text books; that we instead, made our own. The teacher would tell us a story about, let's say, a historical event, then we would write it down in our own words in a blank paged book along with colorful picture interpretations of how we imagined the story. It really is about cultivating your individual expression and a great way to learn anything. I'm very thankful to be a Waldorfian alumni.

**Artwark: Well that explains your great creativity! Thanks so much for the interview! Kate's gorgeous Vermeil Bangles will be in an upcoming issue ot teen vogue! I know she is the next big thing in the jewelry industry and can't wait to see where it takes her :D

Be sure to hop over to Kate's Etsy shop and her website for a peek at her great work!!

Also, Check back in a few days for a new edition of the wednesday wishlist!!


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