Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Wish list!! Ocean hues..

I am introducing a new series to the blog called Wednesday Wish List with fabulous fashion in a delightful color scheme. Most are from Etsy while others follow current fashion trends! I hope you enjoy :D Comments are always appreciated.
Almost everything wallet $30 Paisley peacock tank $45 Dr. Scholl's Zodiac Sandal $59 Reversible Leather Cuff $35 At the Beach Necklace $26 Nail polish in Hot Pop $10 Antique Style earrings $45 Turquoise SOAP trio $5.99 Closer Ring $130 Koi Painting $250

Perfect all summer long!


Kim VanDerhoek said...

Beautiful combination! Thank you for including my painting!

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

thanks! I just love the painting! i wish i could buy it!! I love how its so real, from far away, i can almost see them gliding through the water!

joannaonthelake said...

I am in love with every single item in this beautiful array of clothes and accessories! What an inspiration and you did a wonderful job of selecting items that work so nicely together! I want to thank you for including links, that makes it so helpful for those of us that want to explore further, you ROCK!

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

awwww thanks hun! I'm so glad you like it! I'm trying to start a schedule so that each week I will have certain posts i hope that you will come and check it out next wednesday too!!

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