Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist: Music makes the World go 'Round!!

Starting top left, clockwise

1) Music to my Eyes decals
2)Personalized sterling silver guitar pick
3)Microphone LAMP
4)Handmade African Drum
5) The Saxophone player Painting
6) iPod Classic case turntablism

Music is such a blessing! It can turn a bad mood into a good mood, create ambience, romance, excitement or calming effect :D This is a little tribute to music in the form of all kinds of artisan created pieces! I have always been a huge fan of all kinds of music and also majored in Music for a year in college. A little know fact is that i also made a demo CD and at the last second, put it on hold to pursue other things...needless to say, these items particularly struck a chord with me, so to say...i hope you enjoy!

All items are by Etsy artists :D

The sterling silver guitar pick is stamped with letters of choice, a great gift item! The Drum is made by hand and is a great way to relax. The most unique item i think is the microphone lamp! It is a recycled vintage mic that has been remade into a working lamp! It reminds me of being in the studio :D

Check back saturday for night styles!


2 comments: said...

Hey thanks so much!!! Check out our main shop at Dali Decals We'd love to offer a discount for your readers too! Let us know if you're interested. Thanks!!! Beautiful blog!

-Alicia from Dali Decals

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

Thanks Alicia! i just hopped over to your site and it's AMAZING! i'm going to pick out some pieces this weekend for my place!!

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