Thursday, September 3, 2009

WEDNESDAY Ramadan WISHLIST~ (and a winner!)

Congratulations to HOLLIS! Hollis will received $30 to spend at Jewelry by Artwark...please contact to redeem your prize!!

1) Dates~fruit the Middle East! Or your local Grocery
2)However Tall the Mountain $17 (Written by A Woman I know!!)
3)Henna for temporary tattoo $5 at your local Indian store
4) Georgette Head Scarf to wear during prayer $9
4)Royal Spirit necklace $102 (my Eid Gift i hope!)

As many know, it is the Holy month of Ramadan for Muslims :D A month of discipline, helping others, and being empathatic to those less fortunate. These items related to this time for us. The necklace and headscarf are handmade by Artisans, while Henna, Dates and this book can be found locally near you! I recently had the most delicious Date-Fruit that my friend brought back from Libya a few days prior. I have never eaten something so naturally sweet! You can buy them at nearby Middle eastern or Indian grocery stores for the somewhat dryer versions...they last forever!

Henna is a temporary tattoo that is applied as a mud and last a few weeks. We wear it during Holidays including Eid: the celebration after Ramadan. A Hijab or headscarf is worn by many Muslim women in various styles and cloths. It must be worn during prayer the one shown here is handmade and just lovely! If anyone wants to get me an Eid gift...this necklace will do :D And last, if you want a really meaningful read, try this book out! It was written by a Woman who i met many times and chatted with some years back. Awista is a talented writer who founded a great program for Afghani girls to come to the USA and... play soccer to build confidence and safety from a war torn nation. I hope you all have a blessed day!!

Tune in on Saturday for styles!


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