Saturday, April 19, 2008

Springtime bliss


SO my best friend EVER is home and don't think we will be able to hang :( I miss my grly so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Another stunning day in my neck of the woods and I am happy to say i finally got caught up with work yesterday. I have such a large PILE of balled up chain in my studio i could CRY. It looks like at least 3 hours of untangling...i think this is one of my big fears: huge balls of tangled chain. ick. I finally found my camera charger (in my room no less) so soon i will be finally posting a few birdy necklacessss....stay tuned..


I have been the queen procrastinator this week! Yesterday My Mom and I had a fabulous shopping expedition via Community Rummage sale! I found some cool vintage Sterling Silver Findings and BOOKS!! I cant wait to get a minute to read up! My fave pick is this huge anthology on inspiration for Women. It has an essay for each day of the year with a bookmark to keep track. Tummy is growling which means I better get to the grocery today or i might just be eating cardboard!

when i went to my post box at 3pm today i got 2 packages from Etsy shops. They are both such cute necklaces im not sure which one to wear! I have to be careful because i could get addicted to shopping here very quickly :) Its summer like weather in my neck of the woods so I'm off for a walk!! have a great evening!

4.16~So today is going to be an all day jewelry making day :) I have 15 orders to make and ship by 4pm so i better get started. Lucky for me i just udpated my iPod shuffle so new songs to enjoy while making jewelry! .. in my City, we get about 66 days of sunshine per year, and today is one of those days soooo it's time to get crackin' on shaping up for the summer with a brisk power walk...looks like a big iPod day for me indeed...stay tuned for more...

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