Sunday, April 20, 2008

reporting live.....

SOoooo, I am up early today wondering when i am going to find time for this weeks photography. Every Sunday, tuesday and thursday I take the the ones you see on this blog of my new items...its before 8am and the to do list is already teetering on the brink of insanity. It's interesting how up North, (where i reside) there is so little good weather that the moment it gets past 60 degrees, there are suddenly 4098095283 things to do, ALL THE TIME. Take yesterday for example, it was an unheard of 85 degrees, so suddenly there were barbeques to be had, an last second birthday party and I was already knee deep in activities. Not that I'm complaining. Just pondering what people down south do. Do you y'all stay super busy all the time every day, OR is it so nice always, that you c-h-i-l-l- 24/7. I'm guessing the latter....well I'm off...back to sleep that is. After all, when theres too much to do, i say, procrastinate for just a liiiittle longer. Good morning to all...enjoy your day people....

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