Monday, May 5, 2008

Computer loveeee

So do you all remember the song, COMPUTER LOVE? well i totally understand how one can love their computer. Yesterday, I lost internet connection, therefore also losing the land line (phone) lucky for me i have a cell phone, and my local library has internet....

How naive i was to think that local cafes had FREE wireless internet service for lovable guests like myself ;) NO my friends, this was not the case. After spending a whopping $4 to use the internet, the battery of course ran out within the hour. I was unable to visit my blog and my etsy account :( sorry

Needless to say I speedily did as much work as I possibly could and then headed for my local library where i could use internet free...though i was unable to list all the new goodies i made this past week, SEVERAL NEW LISTING AT MY SHOP: and of course some will also be available at etsy as soon as i can manage it :) Stay tuned for more & show some love to you computers people...perhaps a sweater to keep it cozy???

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