Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Stylezzz

Mornin folks...i'm at the library again...Soon methinks i will have the net at home...keep your fingers crossed, i know i am... well i am caught up on all orders from last week amazingly and just realized that procrastination is not good :) Thursday is making day for all the orders that came in this weekend...THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL BUYERS!!!

Tomorrow is day # 3 with my 'intern' so i am uberly excited!! I am seriously looking into sending out a mass mailing via postcards so my next project is just this: coming up with a cool graphic or photo of what my shop is all about and then getting it on a postcard and maling all for the most economical ei:frugal aka CHEEEEEP price.

I am loving the new tunics of the Spring season so you may just see some longer charm necklaces with nautical themes showing up at my shops!!

Have a fabulous day everyone!!!!

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