Thursday, May 22, 2008


Good day to you all...I was up until 4am last night, reading a book, on the computer, everything but I'm up for the day which I will spend getting some supplies for some custom orders...there is much to do today...i just recived more vintage supplies in the mail WOOHOO so i will be offering them regularly on both my ebay shop and my etsy store!! I never realized how popular the vintage style was!! Last week was my trial week with it and it was an exciting turnout :) It's not quite PAYDAY yet, but it's getting there!!

In other news, this chica is in need of a cool layered shag with a bright color streak is now a slightly messy, colored back to black 'do with some unfortunate "trimming" on the layers...resulting in a slightly blunt HELMET HEAD look...ok so it's not that bad, but spring is supposedly upon us, so methinks it's time to rock a new style...suggestions, ideas? leave me a comment....

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