Thursday, May 8, 2008

spring time bliss

Good morning to all my fine, feathered, friends...hope you are all well :) So last night i couldnt sleep so i decided to begin a new line of necklaces. Inspired by some movies about ancient times, i made a really cool water inspired necklace. Born under the sign of Scorpio, I am a water sign and have always been drawn to all things watery. Lakes, ponds, dew drops on leaves early in the Arabic, the word for DEW is nada, interestingly also the name of one of best perhaps i will call this new piece "Nada"
It uses the greenest of chrysophrase on a short span of bubble chain highlighted with two faceted citrine transitioning to a dainty, drawn cable chain. The texture of the bubble chain combined with the polish of the flat cable add appeal to the piece.....

I can see you drooling over this item...i will only be offering ONE as a one of a kind item (i like it too much and will keep one) check out the sites this goes up sunday :)

in the meantime, i get to wear a bit of the ocean on my neck :)))

....more tomorrow

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