Monday, July 21, 2008

Rainy days

I have updated ye olde Blog with photos and such for all ye readers. Doesnt' the word BLOG just sound like a term out of an anglo-saxon dictionary? Anglo-Saxon my friends is an old age language...Old english shall we say...anywho, I am utterly exhausted! This weekend I spent several VERY humid hours in the studio making some really strange pieces. It was my first time wiring apatite and those darn stones are SO brittle, i had NO of course i took the challenge and created an ALIEN GARDEN pendant. Ind addition i made a UFO necklace with flashy Labrodorite and pearls :D My favorite item was concocted in the wee hours of this morning, a lovely RAINY DAYS rained today and I dont know if it was that as my inspiration, but it turned out wonderfully...Chalcedony on a row of white pearls. Like a FAT Raindrop falling out of a plethora of clouds!

Sunday I went to visit a close friend from college...we met up halfway for funtimes. I was very excited that she liked her laaaaaaate birthday presents: The OUI femme fatale necklace and the BUDDHA/peace necklace...making jewelry sure has its ups! All your friends and family get great, personal gifts!

Is it really only Monday still? I has been a long day. Between making orders and falling asleep, I think I'm coming down with some weird summer virus :( HOWEVER, my rainy days necklace is pretty, even though it sings the blues, it certainly helps to put a smile on my face.....ENJOY THE EVENING! more tomorrow...

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