Tuesday, July 22, 2008

moody bluessssssssss

...yeah yeah so i know I have been moody lately, as seen in my past few blogs...but whatever...I feel quite 'under the weather,' literally, humidity, gloom and rain...lucky for everyone, grim, negativity is just what an artist (ME) needs to set forth new work. Let's say the gloom is my current muse....the outcome, is pretty. MOODY BLUES collection includes the necklace shown above, rice pearls linked with 14k GOLD fill wire and a gorgeous blue chalcedony drop, in addition, the pearl barn and chalcedony necklace i wrote about yesterday, will be available later this week at ETSY. Today once again was sleep, work, eat, sleep, etc. I finished some orders and then made another lovely piece. I only have enough materials to make 3 of these total, so only a few lucky ones will have the chance at them...As i was researching latest fashions, i "LEARNED A LOT" about the "LAR-I-AT" get it? LARIAT. Anways, my point is that I made one, really chic, with a petite Thai Silver leaf on one end, and a really weird cloudy blue chalcedony. Weird in a good sense of course! Looks EXACTLY like the blue-gray raind clouds. So as you can tell, my new line is just full of this rain and humid theme...but methinks you will appreciate them just the same. All available in the next few days at ETSY... p.s. If i see the combination of the words: "elegant" and "simple" again, I am going to scream. I thought i came up with that phrase, but apparently EVERYONE UNDER THE MOON uses it to advertise...great minds think alike, but um, too much of a good thing is, well, too much. ENJOY!

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