Thursday, July 17, 2008


Mornin to you all...yesterday i was SO tuckered out I went to bed at a sad 7:30 LOL. So here I am, awake at the wee hour of 4:38AM. Being up so early has it's perks! I can get things done and they will be out of the way before the day has even begun. This is a little strange for me since my usual bed time is 1 or 2. This is the middle of the night for me usually LOL. It's still dark out as well, so maybe I will catch the sunrise with a cup of hot milk. LOL I'm not really huge on the caffeine!

In beading news, I am so pleased to be getting more custom orders these days! It is so much fun to make special items for people that they have come up with an idea for and will cherish. For the materials, I of course, did a little shopping at my favorite local bead shop yesterday :D Every wednesday, they have a cool surprise deal, so I have started going in of that day instead of my usual early or late week visit. Last week was a free bead scooper if you spent $10 and this week was buy one strand of Czech glass beads and get another FREE :) woohoo! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good deal :)

My favorite bead of the days was this INCREDIBLE large, faceted blue peruvian opal chubby briolette. It's so cute, the manager of the shop told me a few months back she was thinking of me when she got it...(i have a love for chubby brio's) so here it is a few months later, it's the perfect summer or brighten your day kind of color...I have yet to come up with a design plan for it :)

As for current items, I am still plugging away at posting up the items that I have made for the past month for my show that are now available to everyone. I am doing another show (ia) in August though, so they will be up for grabs there as well...the one of a kinders could be gone so you may want to scoop up favorites soon. WELL good morning to all you sleepyheads and have a blessed day! More to come in the days ahead....

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