Friday, August 29, 2008

I am not your expectation.........

so im just chilling this morning, listening to some India Arie and Maxwell...Im soooo addicted to making jewelry all...its nuts! I keep making new things, but instead of taking their pics and posting...i make more and more and i have to get it together and seriously get caught up on orders...theres a very exciting line coming out very soon...of my Fall items :) i know it seems like im all talk BUT BUT BUT...I am waiting until I see some actual evidence of FALL season..otherwise it seems lame to have it all out...well we will see...its slooooooooowly coming out :) LOL

I need an employee im telling ya! I nnneeeeeeeeeeed im not crazy...not yet at least...but things are getting nuts in a very good way :)~

Wellllllllllll thats all this morning....hope your enjoying the mild weather and getting geared up for the new semester/season/however you roll


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