Monday, August 25, 2008

to bead or not to bead...that is the question

Well friends, it seems that I am officially addicted to making jewelry ! I have a great line of locket necklaces coming soon...and instead of taking pics and posting them up, I am still making more and more...the coolest of them, I did yesterday...My parents are Bangladeshi, so from a heritage overflowing with Batik and Mangoes, I have come up with a new locket idea that you will see soon...curious...GREAT! check out the sites in the upcoming weeks! These necklaces are each one of a kind and VERY limited as my supplier for the locket bezels no longer carries them :( So right now i have 9 total. This means about 3 will be the Indian style and the rest will have the Romantic Victorian theme.

Since I am a designer, I figured I should at LEAST read a few articles on jewelry lol...SOoo, I spent part of saturday evening reviewing a great site that has a history of jewelry in the western world. Mainly Victorian styles, fashions and jewelry. Interestingly, Eastern jewelry was not mentioned, although I personally know Eastern Jewelry is far more precious (think 24K Solid Gold and precious gems and pearls) than western wear...which I daresay is childplay in comparison. Just think of the Lavish Indian and Arab necklaces, decadently enameled right on the Solid Gildings...King Tut's Mask in ancient times was made up of pure, heavy gold! Apparently pearls were so sought after in America, one necklace ins the 1800's could be traded for AN ENTIRE SKYSCRAPER. Yeah...I was shocked too! In Europe, fake pearls started in the
1600's, when (get this!) powdered glass was mixed with albumen..egg whites and fish scales!!! THATS how much it was revered!

I mean, jewelry is not going out of style anytime soon...I mean, really, think about it...even Cave people decorated their bodies with carved animal bones, shells, rocks, and (ugh!) teeth.... So although I'm not saving lives, perhaps helping bring up the spirits of some excited ladies who are getting a treat or receiving a gift...!! Ok...thats my spiel today....much love to all and keep one dreamin........

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