Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good morning friends! Well I just realized this morning that i have LOTS of made items that i simply have not posted yet! Whats up with that? I guess being busy keeping up with orders :) And.....i have been studying to go back to school! Grad school mind you with a huuuuge prep for a certain type....not spilling the beans, in case it doesnt work out, I won't be the dummy of the day by broadcasting it to the whole world via BLOG lol. Anywho check out and my 2 shops to see new items daily for the next week or so :)

Yesterday, all my tensions melted away as I made some new pieces that require some goold ol' hammering! You know the anvil-that coyote always tries to throw on Road runner? Its a real thing! You put your metal on the anvil and hammer it with a special hammer (duh) for a really awecome result!! :D

So i made some really cool hammered Leaf earrings, totally hand wrought, hammered and shaped as well as a coordinating organic branch necklace, again made totally by hand. Cool fun stuff coming up for the fall season...and yes, more one of a kind pieces. Y'all seem to love the one of a kinders, cant blame ya, since nobody else will have the same one :) Well TA for now, have a great day all!!

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