Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good evening all you lovelies. What, you may ask, am I doing home on a Saturday night?? WELLLLL, I have a show tomorrow so Im getting jazzzed about it, while trying to chill out :)~ I feel a bit disorganized because I decided rather than freak out (my usual way) I would chill out instead...and just see what the outcome is. Lets call it a little experiment :) I will let you know what I learn later in the week.

So.. methinks that you all are seeing the same items at my ebay shop and need a change, SOOooo, I have a few simple newbies coming into play to switch things up and give you something new to ponder. Think BAT and MAN lol. Yes cool Bat necklaces, Peace necklaces, new Buddha Necklaces and such.

Im so sleepy -_- << thats me LOL. Im doing a bracelet workshop at the Buffalo Market tomorrow too so I have a whole bagful of charms that workshop goers can use tomorrow :) Ah it will be fun. Just keeping my fingers crossed that my dizzyness stays the hell away from me and that I can take the driving.... :/ lil nervous me is. Well darlings, Have a fabulous night, and drop by the Buffalo Indie Market tomorrow to see me, my wares, and many other artists and their goods...

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
Buffalo NY
2nd Floor

xoxo Much Love,

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