Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hope that you all had an incredible weekend! I definitely did :) It's midseason slump, so to cheer everyone up a bit, I am having a very special FREE NECKLACE GIVEAWAY this coming wednesday, ALL DAY. So check back from 8am - 12 pm midnight, Easter standard time for additional details...Its free to participate and you will even get a choice of pieces to choose from, if you are the winner!!

This week, there are many new items listed at the ebay shop with really low start auction prices. I want YOU to have fun with jewelry that is pretty and affordable too. There are 10% off, free shipping and one time listings for you to browse. Additionally, at Etsy, MANY popular favorites have been marked down $10 off etc. This is only for a limited time folks! As soon as the Holiday season begins, things get crazy at Artwark studio, so prices will indeed be hiked up in order for me to get everything done :) See it all happening at drop me a line at the shops or just take a peek at some the seasons hottest!! Much love to all!



Clare said...

this is quite exciting :) But how does one participate?

art_wark said...

Hi Clare :) It's super easy! All you have to do is log back tomorrow and there will be an explanation :) Be sure to check back as I am not sure how many people will 'attend' this first one :)

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