Monday, October 20, 2008


Good morning :) For this week's necklace giveaway, the winner will get $20 in Artwark Bux, to spend on any piece of jewelry at my Etsy shop!! AFTER winning, if you pick something under $20, it is yours totally free!! Or you can put it towards something more expensive and we will arrange the difference!! Cold cash baby!

To play: I have been working with some customers recently on bridal orders and want to figure out what to call 'bridal' or 'occasion' jewelry. To enter this week's contest, simply go to my Etsy shop at and browse the shop a bit. I have added some new things in the past week :)Then leave a comment below (click on the COMMENT link located just under todays' posting) and tell me what your favorite piece is and what it is appropriate for...example: I like the Simplicity necklace, I think its just right for the everyday. Mainly I want to know what occasions some of the necklaces can be used for, particularly weddings. You don't have to search the entire shop if you cannot. You could just pick your favorite section and look through those if you want!! Tuesday, afternoon, I will randomly draw a name and post it Tuesday evening. Please leave your email address in your comment so i can reach you. Can't wait to see what you all think!



Anonymous said...

I recently ordered several of the simple circle necklace in the silver for my bridal order. I think these are great for the bridal party. However, for the bride i really like the peacock necklace/choker. It's so elaborate that I think it would make any bride look fantastic! it looks really exotic too so it's something different!

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Hmmm! Tough question! You've got really beautiful stuff in your shop so i think i need to rack my brain a little! :P I shall put in effort to look through your shop properly to choose the right piece perfect for weddings!

I always envision wedding brides to wear necklaces that complement what they wear & not be too overly eye catching as it'll draw the attention away from the bride herself. It should enhance her beauty so something simple yet elegant would be perfect. Personally, i'll choose the 18K GOLD vermeil coin pendant necklace as it exudes the right amount of class & elegance any bride needs. Plus it definitely matches easily with any wedding gown. Thanks for the giveaway!


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Oh ya, for the above comment, i forgot to state my favorite piece above! So here it is:

Key to My Heart Sterling Silver Lock and Key padlock toggle necklace is such a simple yet beautiful piece.. Definitely my favorite from your shop today! :)


Hui Shan said...

I'll probably say my fave is GOLD brass LOVE BIRD SPECIAL DELIVERY MESSAGE envelope necklace. It's one of your best sellers & i must say it's well pieced together. I love the dainty envelope that hangs from the bird's beak, almost as though the bird is sending a love letter to a secret lover! For weddings, i think the Sterling Silver brushed disc coin medallion necklace is really appropriate. It's a necklace that is always fashionable and definitely looks great for anyone regardless of what wedding dress they wore.

Keep making more unusual necklaces! You're doing a great job!

Hui Shan

mecummins said...

I own the 14 K gold hammered tiny circle necklace and wear it on an almost everyday basis. I think they would make great bridmaid gifts. Now since I already own one of these beauties and I'm standing up for my brother's wedding next year, I decided to narrow my search to a piece that I would love my future sister-in-law to give me. The winner is the 22K GOLD vermeil 14K Gold Fill Belly Dance necklace! Perfect to wear to the rehersal dinner or to just dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans months after the wedding.

Bunny B said...

Oh wow! I absolutely love the 14K Gold fill filled Peacock paradise necklace iolite smoky quartz peridot faceted drops square half hard hand wire wrapped formed roundelle roundel rondelles beads tear drop briolette briolet turquoise aventurine 3 layers necklace choker feather plume! It's gorgeous! Definitely a head turner! This would be great for a fashionable dinner party :)

bunnybx at gmail . com

Julie Jones said...

I think most of you items are not wedding pieces, I did find a few I could see a wedding party in. first midnightrose classic jazz. this piece is classic red and black, with the traditional colors and unique layout would be amazing for even the bride. Parision victorian is a similar layout but would be beautiful for a wedding. The one that stood out the most was the 14 gold fill earth & sky, don't know really what the name was it was sort of long. Is that what you are wanting is a name. How about Fathers tear. Great stuff I see you are doing amazingly well and I can see why.

Marissa said...

Wow this was challenging because all your pieces are gorgeous and unique. If I had to pick though it would be
Key to My Heart
Red Carpet Petite
So In Love
The Parisian Victorian
Peacock Paradise
I like the Mother's Love for the Mother of Bride/Groom
As always beautifully done and one of a kind!

Christan said...

I think the Oui necklace would be a pretty bridal necklace for a Vintage Inspired wedding!! I am also thinking the the Baby Rani necklace would be great for the bridal party! And the Mothers Love is a very obvious choice as a gift to the MOB or MOG to wear on the wedding. So symbolic!

Hope this helps!

Shana said...

I would say my favorite piece is GOLD brass LOVE BIRD SPECIAL DELIVERY MESSAGE necklace. I actually think this would make a great gift idea to give to your bridesmaids. It's romantic and just lovely.

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