Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hey All!! Happiest of Halloweens to all my 'boos' and 'punkins' For old times, my big bro and I carved the coolest jack o lanterns check out the top pic in the left column! Thats my pumkin a spooky tower with bats in twilight!! What did you do this Halloween? As for me, I found this really cool blackish maroonish nail polish (Sephora by OPI) in "Im with Brad" color & I treated myself to an at home manicure :) Now Im sporting long, rounded Elvira type nails!! WOOHOO!!

For a great FREE GIVEAWAY, be sure to check back monday and of course, feel free to tell me your Halloween plans in the comments section of today's post!!! Be safe and have GOB(lin)S of fun!!!

Sarah @ Artwark


Nujhat said...

Hey! I really wanted to carve a pumkin this Halloween- I haven't carved one since the 5th grade. Where are the pics for the jack-o-lanterns you carved? I would love to see them. Happy Halloween =)

Artwark said...

the pics are on the left column of this post :)

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