Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Turkey day: to ALLL my fine feathered friends! And you too :__) Lots of Love from Artwark and hoping you are having a fabulous day...

This year, due to my granma's recent passing, we are keeping it small...annnd we already had our usual turkey day now things are calm...last night, after brining the turkey and going to bed at 2am....there was toilet water leaking all over our kitchen!!! LOL....sooo my brother shut off the water, I had the classy job of emptying out the toilet with a mug (that can never be used again..) and my father returned from Toronto at 4am to see the situation and bring plungers onscene...LOL...anyhow,

So far, I have baked the Pecan/Choco pie, started the pumpkin and My bro is working on the Turkey, Lamb and stuffing :) Im just about to start the Garlic mashed Cauliflower and Cucmber tangy salad !!!

Lots of excitement and food today...remember to give thanks for all your blessings, family , friends and nourishment!

Lots of love,
Sarah @ Artwark

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