Monday, November 24, 2008


Hope you all had a wondrous weekend! I sure did :) Sunday night, my brother and his girlfriend came over and cooked a fantastic dinner blending Indian and Thai cuisine! Ended with a delicious raspeberry chocolate cake (with a Gold leaf detail!) and prezzzzents! Yay :) It was much fun, and i managed to make and post lots of new one of a kind pieces at the ebay shop and a handful over at Etsy too! My top pick is this one of a kind Winter Flight Necklace..featuring a sterling silver plated bird with a moonstone drop. The flash is really pretty and looks like a drop of ice!!

There will be new items listed daily throughout the Holiday season, many are one of a kind so be sure to check the shops often! Also, for specials and discount, i will have something different at the blog EACH DAY (starting BLACK FRIDAY)...that you will mention at don't be a stranger!

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