Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Friday!! (secret giveaway this SUNDAY)

Bon nuit! Good evening everyone! It has been quite a week at Artwark (= I have been busier than ever before with Holiday orders...and feel like Santa Claus every time I make a trip to the post!! Somehow, i still found some time to create this one of a kind Oui necklace with amethyst as well as the 2 pieces, left. If you would like one, be sure to let me know at where you may also join the mailing list...

Aside from making pieces, I have been wondering about how to create a great stocking, inexpensive and full of fun! So here are a few ideas for the kiddies if you just haven't had the time~

1) Everything in this list can be purchased from the local $1 store! So you can save, while creating a unique stocking full of faves!

Here are some ideas for both boys & girls

BOYS: the toy section has card games, costumes, little toys etc. Be sure to open all packages and take out each individual treat to split up among everyone! Stationary, pens and notebooks are both useful and come in lots of favorite cartoons, etc.

GIRLS: stationary with matching pens & stickers, makeup, nail files, toiletries and bubble bath make them feel girly AND grown up, also helps save on future purchases for the home, like nail cutters, polish etc...creating a 'pack' out of a few items makes the stocking very full with a great theme that she will love!

3) FOR BOTH: coloring books, and my favorite, located at the counter, small flower or circle shaped packed wads that turn into mini hand towels when you add hot water!! A real treat for little ones! (and big ones alike!)Its easy to make treat bags with yummy and healthy trail mix using raisins, nuts, dried fruits and chocolate morsels. In the gift wrap section you can buy tissue paper or cellophane and wrap the mix inside, tying off the ends to look like a small piece of the idea of sweet..without all the extra calories!

I hope this was helpful to some of you! Visit back this Sunday for a secret giveaway! Any one can play and the prize will be very special!

much love!


Anonymous said...

Just got my love bird necklace. It is exactly what I wanted for myself...for Christmas. I love it. Thank you...Santa.

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

Im so glad :) Enjoy!!

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