Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey all (= Yesterday was my Holiday show at the Buffalo Indie Market! Check out my was right in the corner nice and cozy with friendly neighboring sellers and a beautiful window :) It went really well and I was excited to see some of you out there! Interestingly, I was probably one of the few sellers who do not celebrate Christmas, BUT, i got so into the whole theme I got a teeny Christmas tree, decorating with Dangle earrings as the 'ornaments' and got some used ornaments to place around my table, used a Red Sari table runner AND wore BRIGHT RED. I completed the scene with a Santa plate covered in free Candy canes..I was Stoked!!

After setup I noticed that no other sellers really got into the Imagine that! Here i had thought there would be glitter and baubles of red and green...I guess the Indian part of me...which is all of me was thinking BRIGHT COLORS, SHINY!! lol Felt a little weird at first, but not for long because, it was a hit, customers oohed over the tree, ate lots of canes and were happy about the special packing... Thanks so much to you all for being my customers! Sales on Ebay and Etsy are still coming in and I have been answering emails, making/shipping and of course doing a little shopping myself (= I met some interesting Gals at the event too, who I will introduce you to in next weeks artist vignette!!

As for now, I am wiped out after working all day...since I live 2 hours from Buffalo, a show is quite hectic...but definitely worth every minute! My awesome Dad came with me, without whom I wouldn't be able to even do the show..and it's been really nice getting to spend some quality father-daughter time, an opportunity I wouldn't have really gotten otherwise. It's very interesting how every opportunity is a blessing in SO many ways!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!! Happy Shopping, Drive safe and check back soon!!


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