Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY GAME! Time to playyyy (=

Hey there! So, the monday preview was the mysterious poll at the top left corner of the blog. I see some of you got the idea and voted already !! YAY you!

HOW TO PLAY: Well For this week's game, I'm really interested to know what kind of jewelry you consider your favorite, so go ahead and vote . This in turn will help me add some new things to the shops in the upcoming season. To enter the drawing you must also write in the comments section of this posting, telling me what you voted for and why...for example, if you wear a bracelet from a favorite relative or even a theme (like nature themes or spiritual pieces)

WHAT YOU WIN: Since the Holidays are just around the corner, I made some special earrings that are perfect to wear or give as a gift, as always, in a gift box. Check them out in the top right, HAVIN A BALL dangles. Shown in White vintage glass and fancy gold plated wires, you can choose from those, or Green or Red Jade Rounds, perfectly festive!!

THE BEST PART: This week, I will choose 3 winners!!! Not 1 or 2 but
3 winners to share the love during the Holidays seasons! So many Holidays are here, Eid, Christmas and Hanukkah, so everyone has someone they can give a gift to, or keep as a treat! Happy playing and have fun!!

The voting time is over when the poll closes (4 days) Be sure to vote, the game is open to everyone...and make sure you check back on Monday to see if you won! To redeem your prize, if you win, you MUST email me at info@artwark.com

**To join my mailing list, email info@artwark.com with the word JOIN**

Much love to all!!
Sarah @ artwark.

FREE SHIPPING until Dec 14 if you mention this post at any of my shops!!


Candee said...

My favorite is a necklace. I like them because they are so easy to wear...light and not bothersome, whereas earring can be heavy and rings or bracelets can get in the way of daily hand-work (=

Alyssa said...

My favorite is a necklace. I think what I love best about necklaces is that they are always within view - I guess they are my eye candy!

Julianne said...

Rings are definitely my favorite and a day doesn't go by without me wearing a ring. I love rings because like Alyssa said, my rings are always in view. Plus I always wear a ring from my Mom and then a ring that reflects me.

Tim! said...

I wear rings all the time, but the jewelery I buy most often is necklaces for friends. The rings I have I always wear, I don't switch them up.

Gachine said...

I voted rings, because there's always something about jeweled fingers that appeals to me. There's no particular theme I prefer, I just like gold with some sort of gem in the middle.


Anonymous said...

I voted for bracelet, I always have one on. I feel like it can totally change the look of your outfit...gold or silver, chunky, or bangles...I change my jewlery with my mood!

Amy Madigan

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