Friday, February 13, 2009

FINALLY! a post for recent artwark News!

Hi there everyone!! Happy Almost Valentines day! Between last weekend's show and a Wedding this saturday (and orders all week) this is my first chance to finally sit down and give you some fun updates... 1) My show last week 2)V-day tips

Well last Saturday was my Valentines show in Buffalo, NY at the Indie Market...a monthly Market that is all handmade...really fun! So i decorated my table and had a blast the whole day! Check out Amanda and Danielle here! They totally made my day with their enthusiasm...i think the first words i heard was..."OHMYGOD...THIS IS THE SHOP I TOLD YOU ABOUT...I SAW IT ONLINE!" and i was so excited to hear that...i wanted to learn about them too :) Amanda and Danielle both live and work in Buffalo, NY. They both have really distinct styles and love cats. Danielle loves tattoos and has several. Amanda is shown here (left) wearing my Sterling Silver disc and garnet necklace...Hey Ladies!! hope you see this!

The market went really well and there was someone on a traditional loom, as well as other jewelers, clothiers (<
I met many interesting customers, each with their own story...and hopefully some of us will be able to continue getting to know each other in the future. Its just so wonderful to see customers in person every once in a blue!! Read on for some fun Vday tips!

2) V-DAY TIPS: Recession or not, I have always been a fan of saving money, while having fun! Valentines day is tomorrow and with dinners, parties, are some great ways to save!!
1) Use what you HAVE. at my V-day show, I only spent $4 on decorating! See the photo at the top left column. I used a Sari that my mom had as a table cloth (indian cloth) lights from college...adjustable lamps, an old heart shaped chocolate box in red...bottom and lid were each a display. My money was spent at the $1 store on: confetti (which i saved after using and am re-using now) and $3 on bags of heart shaped chocolates to snack on, a sweet treat for customers. In the same way you can buy a little and be creative with what you HAVE.

For example: for a hot outfit: spice up a red or white tank top with fabric paint and glitter.

For decorating: use red paper and glitter to MAKE confetti. Leftover bday balloons in any pink/red/white/peach tones

Make HIM a surprise dinner: guys won't be mad if you 'forget' all the v-day decorations! A low key meal that he likes is more than enough...want to splurge? Go Out to dinner!

Use different colored feathers to create a 'trail' to a certain part of your place plus glitter. (bagged feathers are sexy, and sold at craft stores for a few bucks)

**hope these were helpful and fun for you :)

much love!


MissLilith said...

Sounds like you've been quite the busy girl. Happy belated V-day. I just wanted to fill you in on a competition that I would love you to participate in (not that you need any more necklaces :)


Post your link or image to your gorgeous gift box/ gift bag!
In order to qualify, you must be a Miss Lilith blog follower
Deadline: March 20, 2009

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your website and can't wait for my necklace, I also make handcrafted jewelry on, hope you can visit!



glad I'm out visiting tonight and found you..
unique & beautiful work...
hope you see some sunshine tomorrow

mona& the gaffer girls

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