Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Artist Vignette MNCMOON

Happy Humpbday all! The left column has lots of new items..if you want want click the photo and send me a message through Etsy, or email

In light of the recent blog questionnaire for the personalized jewelry you all were interested in, many of you talked about the stamped, initials jewelry. I have decided to add one of your ideas into the Artwark collection for moms: Soon you will see personalized birthstone necklaces along with tiny sterling silver teddy bear or pacifier charms!!! However, in response to your stamped necklaces, I wanted to lead some of you in the right direction with one of my favorite Etsy artists....

Cisco of MNCMoon is a night owl...working her part time by day, also watching her 2 adorable grandsons and doing jewelry by night...literally! Many of our email messages are posted between
1-5A.M.!!! The reason I like Cisco's necklaces so much is that the metal tags themselves have some thickness to them, while the text is pretty and feminine. In the past i have purchased other tag jewelry, and often the metal is very thin...not here!! Cisco cuts the metal herself!! And its quite perfect!! I recently purchased 2 discs one in silver, one in gold with Love in script.

The prices at MNCMoon are really affordable, you can purchase tag pendants alone, or a complete necklace started at just $18. There are also sterling silver and Gold fill to choose from along with different chains. You can get the tiniest coin for the wee ones you love, to a nice large tag for the man in your life.

I think the best part about working with Cisco for a custom purchase is her warm personality! Even with her hectic schedule, she found time to keep in touch letting her sweet and funny personality shine through!

Check out her shop for a quote or custom design piece!!


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