Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello there! As a response to the answer for last weeks giveaway question, i have been working on a spring line full of lovely aqua shades...vintage glass, chalcedony and blue zirconia, you will see new items being posted for the next few weeks at shops :) Your my command :) Here are some new designs for you in the left column.

As promised here is this week's GIVEAWAY GAME! I would love for you to play because I NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN!

WHAT: The prize is a brand new spring design! Beautiful Gold plated filigree floral earrings with sky blue cubic zirconia drops, gift boxed. If you cant wait to get yours, they are available at my etsy shop!

HOW TO PLAY: In the comments section (just under and to the right of this post) click on the comment link and answer the following question. It may help you to go to my website to view my work for a general idea.

QUESTION: Branding is such an important part of any business. It allows the ARTWARK brand become a familiar 'face' to each customer. I have gone through several phases in branding my business and as a finishing touch, I am getting custom made labels for boxes with my Logo. So my question is this: As a buyer, would you prefer to get your order in (A.) a Shiny, Black Box with a logo sticker on it in matching colors of the business cards or (B.) A Kraft (brown paper color) box that is previously stamped with ink with the logo. The difference is a classier box with a decal or a more earthy, simple look with stamped.

WHO: Anyone is welcome to join and play, whether you are just perusing blogs or are a regular Artwark customer, i would love to have you participate!

WHEN: This contest will be over on Wendesday March 11 at midnite!! So be sure to get your vote in asap!

I can't wait to hear your answers!


Alyssa said...

Those earrings are gorgeous!! I heart them.

I think for your shop, the Kraft brown box would be better. To me it goes better with the products you have and your look.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I love black boxes. They look more elegant and exclusive.

ays z
ayszed [at] hotmail [dot] com

Gachine said...

I love those earrings too!

Anyway, I like the black boxes idea. To me they're more tasteful and all around nicer.

Tasha said...

I feel torn between my decision because black boxes are elegant but i think your pieces always have a vintage and earthy type feel which would lead me to say the kraft boxes might be the way to go. When you think of homemade you think of kraft boxes, ya know? They can be simple but the plus side to them is you can adorn them how you want them and make them have a classier edge to them. I wish you luck Sarah and i think whichever you chose there will always be gorgeous jewelry on the inside and that's a fact! :)

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

aw thanks everyone so far! You make me love what i do so much! I so appreciate your messages and am thankful that you inspire the 'artwark' that goes on at the studio!!

Bunny B said...

They both sound lovely and I'm sure your customers would appreciate either of them. But given a choice, the black boxes sound lovely.
bunnybx at gmail . com

Mary Valle said...

I like the kraft brown boxes with stamp. They are more eco-friendly and (I believe) easier to recycle.

Michelle D'Abato said...

I like the black box with a sticker. I love your business card and I think that if you could showcase the look of the card on it that would be beautiful.

Sena said...

The black box idea sounds like a really nice presentation!! I am sure it will be raved about :)


dlk said...

I think black boxes are very classy and while your designs are early they are very sophisticated. Sometimes you just have to mix it up and try new things. Whatever choice you make, it's what's on the inside that thrills me, your creations! Good luck at whatevery you decide. Your jewelry is beautiful.

dlk said...

Black boxes are classy but so are your designs. While they are earthy they are still sophisticated. Sometimes you need to mix it up and try something new. Whatever you decide will be great but most important is what's inside, your beautiful creations. Can't wait to see more!

Pascalle said...

My personal preference is the kraft brown boxes. I think they are better for the environment (most kraft paper is recycled) and they look more individual. When I by handmade items, I don't want them to look like I bought them in a store. xoxo

Kristen said...

I vote for the kraft brown boxes--handmade items don't need to come in a fancy black box for them to be special. And the kraft boxes are so easy to giftwrap and give to friends and family as gifts. :)

Shanna said...

Kraft boxes! They go with the whole handmade vibe. Black seems a little generic and slick. Plus on a craft box, you can get as fancy with the stamp as you want. Honestly, the box never matters too much to me--it's what's inside!

Rayna said...

I just love your designs Sarah.
I think either design would be great but, my fav is the black box with the color card to match. Very classy and it seems to fit the direction you are going in. :)
<3 Rayna

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