Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sellers tips!

I recently had someone ask me for some tips on how to price and successfully sell things online as a side/hobby, so here are a few pointers:

1) Keep your overheard low and do not spend more than your means when you are starting out. Be cautious to monitor what sells and what does not. Improve the things that DO sell rather than wasting energy on those that don't. Every idea won't be popular.

2)Spend money on the ESSENTIALS, like a great laptop and camera, which you will use everyday to market your items. Tools and a decent studio setup are important as well. Over time, branding items like stickers, print and business cards

3) Have a shipping plan. Buy necessities in bulk, at wholesale prices: boxes, business cards, bubble mailers and address stamps or stickers. Think of how you want your business 'face' to appear and do so affordably.

4)Make a guinea pig on designs and see how it sells. This helps you choose what to stock always and what to offer as a special or one of a kind.

3) Have a shop logo, motto, and design in mind and act on it as you can! It can take time for things to come together, but always keep at it. If you need to change your logo, makeover your business look, learn to let go in order to improve when needed.

4) Packaging your goods is key for getting repeat customers, play around with your ideas. See what method works for you in terms of shipping services, shipping supplies and cost to ship. So many business use similar looking packing, its important to come up with a uniqueness to stand apart.

5) This may seem obvious, but always advertise! Keep your business cards on hand and wear your designs! Gifting is a great idea too for family and friends to become your best marketers. Getting a bag or car decal with a website is a great non verbal ad as well if you are on the shy side. If you are in a trendy area, get used to leaving cards at cafes, etc.

6)Be safe. Never put your home address or personal information 'out there' keep the business as a business.

5) Always leave room to change! This goes for pricing, packaging and all else.

**I would love to hear your ideas! Feel free to comment/add your own tips in this posting!


Nujhat said...

great tips!

Miss Lilith said...

Thanks for all the wonderful advice! I'm having my first vendor boutique sale this weekend and am curious to see how that pans out.

Oh, do you have a larger pic of your box and business card. I want to post it on my site, but it's soo small. Thanks!!!

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