Wednesday, March 25, 2009


hey all! happy humpday! Its the middle of the week and only and few more to go until the weekend woohoo!! Tonight my brother is coming back from a 3 weeks trip to Asia..Bangladesh and All over China as well.

I'm still sleepy and i think it's due to a great massage i got yesterday! I used to work at a wellness center for 2 years before my gig now as a artiste...Still close with the lovely ladies over at Health IN Harmony center, rochester NY. Over the years, Dr. Schliff, Jackie, and Emily have become like family!...funny thing...they are all related to each they are family..literally! (to each other lol) Anyhow, I just thought i would share some love and post some of their info here today of the dynamic duo of sisters, as well as the entire extended staff of chiropracters, biofeedback therapist, and numerous other members of the team!

Dr. Schliff owns the business and is a lisenced Chiropractor, Homeopathic Doctor and healer in many ways. I have gone to her several times over the years for Cranio-sacral, which is like a slow adjustment through a massage like technique..she rocks!
On the homeopathic side, she was trained in Toronto, Canada and can diagnose many ailments as well as giving a remedy immediately at the time of your appointment. This is so helpful and has helped me personally, many , many times while i worked there as well as after. Cold laser therapy is another great treatment at the office for injuries that literally makes pain vanish after a few treatments. All in all, if you have back pain, or any ailment that you prefer going to a natural doctor for, this is the place!

Jackie is the Massage Therapist and works wonders on the muscles! I have referred MANY people to her, and it's kind of a ritual for my Mom and I to get our muscles fixed by her almost every week! The room is cute and serene and the massages are tuned in to your specific its really perfect! A hot towel, choice of oil or cream, and aromatherapy to treat your body and soul are just a few additional treats that you will enjoy during your visit. For the shy, you can leave your top on or off during the appointment as well, so everything is really peronalized and tuned it to your specific needs.

**While many people may think alternative healing is a luxury, I think of is more as a necessity to ward off stress which prevents illness, strengthens the immune system, healing for both body and mind! Be sure to check out their website at

Aside from the great work they all do, the pleasant atmosphere is gorgeous! The walls are painted in complement, matched with details, wall hangings and more making you almost forget that you aren't feeling well!! my favorite is the Sun room with a giant sun wall hanging and bright walls. Give them a call to book and appointment at (585) 733-4245


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