Thursday, April 2, 2009


Good morning every one!! I realized the other day that many of you are crafters and that most likely VERY few of you know about my craft supply shop at Etsy!!! its hop on over this weekend for a look see!! I offer a selection of finished chains in gold, silver and brass, findings and beads as well as interesting one of a kind listings includsing vintage ribbon and these unique silver filigree bead ends.

I am going to be posting some great feathers, and more in the next few days too...I'm spring cleaning, and have SO much overstock that i need to get the word out on that shop :) Every order comes with FREE Samples of other things. Being a designer, I make frequent large purchases and sometimes can't resist buying more than i need...since the whole point of the shop is to de-stash, most items are one time listings, or may run out at any time, so its better to grab them up when they are available.

Take a peak and let me know if you need something i have TONS of supplies that i would love to sell, many not listed yet... Hope your having a great thursday!!!


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