Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Day!

Hey All! I hope you have been well :) My turquoise clover long layering necklace is back..i only have one though, its inspired by the Van cleef and Arpel Alhambra design and is 30" inches long. $58. LAST ONE. let me know if you would like it.

I recently joined a funky new website/online networking site through an invite from my brother! I hope that you will join me there! Its and you can find and add me (artwark) Its basically a site that gives updates throughout the day, but the best part is, there are no email notifications, so you have to log into your twitter account, to see the updates. If you send me an invitation, i will follow you on twitter also! Usually i put updates just in general whats going on in life, but i also put up ebay and etsy information sometimes too!!

In other news, things have been crazy busy here at Artwark lately!! So let me fill you in :D My prep class for the LSATS went down the toilet for a little while, after my laptop crisis...I ended up getting a new laptop and was able to convince the every so nice intructors at Kaplan to let me take their class again for free!! Woohoo!! So i will go to all the classes a second time and there will be no real excuse for not taking the exam in Sept. LSAT is the exam you have to take to get into Law School...yup, quite different from my current gig as Jewelry conoissoir, however I intend to tackle law school as a 'project' and keep making jewelry too!!

leave me a comment! i miss hearing from people!



Lou's addictions said...

This is a stunning necklace, love your work. I have heard a lot of good things about twitter and am seriously tempted to sign up myself, just wish i had more time

Sarah (artwark) said...

hi Lou! Thanks!! By the way your necklace is on its way too!!!

you should definitely sign up, its really easy and you can use it at your convenience. I just started yesterday but there already 15 followers and i just love reading other people latest. Its much faster than other networking sites just a quick status update. Theres a limit to 140 characters per sentence! so its great :) xoxoxo

Tasha said...

The necklace is STUNNING! I should just buy stock in your jewelry :) Hope all is well Sarah! Can't wait to get my necklace!!!!!

Sarah Artwark said...

hi Tasha! Thanks :) Its so great to see you back at the blog here :D it will out tomorrow so enjoy!!


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