Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day snaps and a recipe!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day! We had a 2 day BBQ at the house, and it was a really great time! Day one was Thai Chicken wings and regular BBQ with sides and yesterday was chicken kebabs and Thai beef on a stick with mango salsa, mediterranean salad and mango salsa.

We also had a festive Fruit salad bowl for dessert! Heres a shot of the spread and a quick recipe for the salad that you can use in your summer bbq's this year!!

Melon Bowl Salad
1 very sweet watermelon. Knock on the shell to hear for water. The more water, the sweeter the melon!
1 fresh mango. Squeeze to test it, it should be firm, for tartness. For a sweeter flavor, you will want a squishy mango
about 10 strawberries
1 ripe and sweet banana

Preparation: You will need to cut each fruit in a specific way to get the look of this bowl. Cut the Watermelon in half and use a melon baller to scoop out watermelon. Scoop in rows and then use a large spoon to take out the 'leftover' melone. Set the leftover aside. After you have completed scooping, pour the juice aside and use a large spoon to clean out all the pink remnant watermelon, revealing a whitish green rind. This will be your melon bowl.

Carefully peel the mango with a paring knife and then dice into small cube shaped pieces. Dice one banana. Remove greens from strawberries, wash and then slice once for a 'heart' shaped piece.

Last is the arrangement of the fruit. If you like the way mine looks, layer first the watermelon, sprinkle with mango and banana and arrange the strawberries on top as a garnish look. If you prefer to mix all the fruit, carefully do so using only your hands to avoid fruit breakage. VOILA! Fruit bowl!!

Feel free to leave your own favorite summer recipe in the comments section of today's post! I would love to learn a few more myself!



lillyella said...

wow, look at that spread! I have a yummy cake recipe that i love making for memorial day and summer picnics, Ill have it on the blog on friday.
hope you had a great weekend!

Sarah aka Artwark said...

Hey Nicole! I hope you are doing well too! So sorry to hear about your father!! It sounds so stressful! mY prayers are with u.

Also, yay for picnics :) Summer is so wonderful!! I always keep a blanket in the trunk of my car for emergency picnics! It has vinyl on one side (to keep out rain and water) and fleece on the other for when its a little chilly! Love that thing!

Lou's addictions said...

I recieved my necklace today, oh my gosh I absolutly love it. Once I have moved house and gotten myself organised I will be holding a giveaway of my own. I will have something stitchy and something jewerly related.

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

hey Lou! so glad you like the postcard I love you necklace from the Mother's day giveaway game! You can see the photo in the prior posting to get on of your own everyon! :)


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