Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's day on a small budget

Hey there!! Since mother's Day is quickly coming, I thought of some quick and easy ideas to make her day special affordably. Now, we all know that Mom is the Most important (or one of them) in our world. So, when it comes to a special day for her, going 'cheap' is not something that we want to do. However, it is also true that many of us are trying to pinch our pennies these days. And, Moms certainly do love anything we muster up for her. Still, I think it is spending time with Mom that she appreciates the most, combine it with an affordable gift and you are good to go.

Here are some ideas:

1) Make Mom a delicious Home cooked meal, maybe her favorite dish (ask grandma for a recipe) and serve it up in style. Use the 'good' China, or fancy glasses along with Fresh flowers in a vase. Simply cut Bright Flowers from the Garden at a slant. Fill a vase or a tall narrow glass with water and there you go. To adorn a tall glass, fill the bottom with small washed stones for a natural look or marbles. You will save money on overpriced restaurant food and skip the long waiting list. This allows more time with Mom.

2) Ask Mom what she really wants this year. Tell her to go big. Have all siblings and family pitch in for that one item. Sometimes, when you add up all the little things, knick knacks and extras we give Mom on Mother's day, it really adds up to a large sum, so stick to one big treasure, like a TV, new Cell Phone, Maybe a gift certificate for a Massage or Manicure (it all depends on everyone's budgets)

3) Go and spend time with Mom. Its free! And probably what she wants more than any gift. Now, don't go empty handed, bake cookies, bring flowers (idea above in #1 for Free flowers) Or Pick her up and go to a movie that she wants to see. Either way, divulge her in something she wants. Is Mom always forgetting to take care of herself? If you want to splurge, make Appointments for the both of you to get a new spring Hairdo.

4)Mom Loves memories. Take a photo or photos and put them in a frame for her. My brother did this simple gesture a few years ago and she loved it. You can even find nicer frames at the $1 store believe it or not. Toss the original box and put it in a nice gift bag ready with a photo or photos inside.

5) If all else fails, get a card, not just any card. Many Drug stores and 7-11 stores have Giant Mothers day cards. They are really special because, well they are just so darn HUGE they are a surprise and would put a smile on anyone's face :D Have everyone sign the card and put it somewhere that Mom is sure to see....

Hope these ideas are helpful!! Feel free to leave your own comments and ideas as well!!

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