Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey Everyone! It sure has been awhile since the last posting :) The winner of the Distance makes the heart fond Necklace is: LOU's ADDICTION! Congrats!!! Email: info@artwark.com to redeem your prize :)

Due to my laptop crashing, i haven't been able to post anything for a while. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring time! I have be learning how to multi-task this week by filling mothers day orders, studying, class and hanging out with my Friend Sheila! We have been pals since college in 2003 and she now lives in Texas. So she made the looong hike out to NY to spend a springy week with me.

One of the highlights of our week was a visit to the Strong Memorial National Museum of play. Although the website has a lot of information, it doesn't capture the actual place so well. Located in Rochester, NY and while it was made for children, It really is geared towards generation y-ers like Sheila and I. We spent 2 hours there on saturday evening, forgetting how chilly it was outside, and immersing our kid-like side into the Berenstain Bear village, Toy Hall of Fame and Butterfly Conservatory! With over 800 Butterflies and tropical plants and vines, its a real treat and lovely additional to the museum itself.

A giant Mr. Potato Head, Giant's game room and HIstory of CHildren's books were also fun, where we played a giant sized connect four. A miniature kids Wegmans grocery store was also play-able. We watched sesame street on the big screen and then Sheila bought us both goodies from the flashy, museum gift shop. I would highly recommend a visit to ths Museum if you are ever in the area...click on today's post for a link to the museum....

MOVIE reviews from our week:
the Movie Wall-E gets two thumbs up from us, combining cuddly looking robots with a 'green' agenda. Just released, Marley and Me: another 2 thumbs up for touching and sweet family movie type. On the other hand PUMPKIN and RACHEL GETTING MARRIED were on the NOT to watch list. Strange, disconnected and overall odd movies. On the big screen GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST: was also pretty good, funny and light hearted.

Today is the last day of our reunion and we are off to treat ourselves to swedish massages and manicures!!! Hope you are having a great day...and remember to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!!


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Lou's addictions said...

oh thank you for my prize will be in touch real soon. That toy museum sounds awesome, we dont reall have anything like that here. Enjoy the rest of your reunion.

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