Monday, June 22, 2009

Artisan vignette: Frieda Sophie

A few weeks ago, while perusing the internet, I came across the most lovely shop! FriedaSophie, offers jewelry with vibrant colored gems and finely selected metal. Sandra, designer and owner of the shop is super friendly too and one of my new 'etsy pals.' She is super interesting and very nice. I can't wait to get some of her jewelry! Shown here is Sandra with her adorable cat!!

Q: So, tell me a bit about you, where are from, hobbies, etc....
A: My name is Sandra and I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I traveled a bit around Europe, but after coming to San Francisco, i fell completely in love with it and
just had to stay, so i moved here in 1995. I was a naturopathic doctor in germany I further studied chinese medicine and acupuncture here in SF for the past 10 years... have been a painter, sewer, photographer and dancer since age 5. I also restore vintage vehicles (karmann ghia's -and love vintage cloth, especially polka dot dresses :)

Artwork has always been my happy place to escape to from daily routine work. In January i started making jewelry for myself which quickly turned into making pieces for my friends and their friends and than i got asked to make a dozen pieces for a local designer store, which led me to opening my etsy store friedasophie, named after my 2 grandmothers, which have been my artistic inspiration

Q: Very cool!! I love your color combos in your jewelry! Its so vibrant and reminds me of India~the Sarees, and bold colors, What inspires you to create these palettes?
A: Life, friends, family and my husband. I am blessed with a husband that has a strong design sense and gives me feedback on my pieces. My grandmother inspired me from from early childhood. She used to wear beautiful precious vintage gemstone jewelry and to this day, i always have her style in mind. These days my favorite materials are gemstones, rubies, green onyx and blue topaz. Their colors and structures inspire me.

Q: Tell me about your tattoos!! do they have special meanings? when did you first get them?
A:My tattoo presents the 4 elements and love: fire, water, earth and air.
I got them when i was 22 and interestingly enough i chose to become an acupuncturist
later on which also works with 5 element theory. I was also a nurse at one time.

Q: Well it definitely sounds like you are fond of needles :D I wish you were around when i was in college. I was terrified of needles but had lots of piercings! What is your own jewelry style?
A: i make about 20 pieces of jewelry daily and i only wear my large silver hoops and a silver round anker necklace my friend nina had made for me :)

Q: Tell me about the adorable kitty in your photo! ..
A: My husband is allergic to cats too but she was just 1 week old when he found her and she would not have made it if he did not take her, plus she tried to walk to him allthough she was too little and he fell in love with her. Surprisingly he is doing fine and never has allergies, but i think it is because of her short hair.
Anyways, we love her way too much.

Artwark: That is toooo cute! I'm so glad i found your shop! Thanks so much for being part of the artist vignettes here at the blog :D

Now that you know a bit about Sandra, Be sure to visit her Etsy shop. Tell her Artwark said hi!!

Hope you all have a wonderful few days and be sure to check back friday for a sneak peek saturday styling outfit!


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