Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saturday stylin'

This week's Saturday style is a creamy, dreamy combination. Summertime calls for picnics and the outdoors, and I just love the idea of woodlands theme and summer. So, feast your eyes on an outfit nostalgic of a time long ago, when running through the fields with bare feet and lacy attire was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Click on the highlighted item names to visit the maker's Etsy shop!

The idea for this combination is centered around the Barefoot in the Garden dress with its silk and lace layers. So romantic and breezy! With this kind of dress, the perfect adornment is a crisp, white parasol a detailed, feminine pattern is crocheted together with a wooden stick handle. I just love it! With such a fancy dress and parasol, great handmade jewelry is the way to go! With a swirly, leafy woodlands syle bracelet and finished with a floral old world style necklace! The secret detail to this locket is that it opens up to hold a handmade perfume scent!! And we all know that any summer stroll needs a great picnic basket! This one is made out of renewable resources, and environmentally friendly for your frolicking! The old fashioned styling is wider at the bottom with top open lids. Inside it comes with wooden plates, spoons and knives, so no more wasting paperware. Not to mention it just looks much classier this way and it all set for when its time to picnic!

The elaborate detailing on each item here, entails the elegance of the past. While much of today's style relies on simple silhouettes, the fine crafting on these pieces completely satisfies the desire for understated luxury!

Let me know what you think about today's Style!



Lorimarsha said...

What a lovely surprise to see my dress featured in your blog. Combined with the other items you selected... you have told a beautiful visual story. I truly enjoyed each word and image. Thank you!

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

Thanks so much :D I love your dress its stunning and i was able to create the whole story around your work. The title of the dress really inspired the whole idea. I wish i could buy the whole outfit!!


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