Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FATHER'S DAY NECKLACE GIVEAWAY! Extension, Vote all weekend!

Father's Day is coming soon!! So for this month's giveaway game, the winner receives a Just for Dad necklace.

What you win: You will get to choose the charm for Dad's necklace. Please note the Saw Charm is one of a kind and I only have one, it is available at my Etsy shop as a necklace for $28. Please choose from the others: is Dad wise? Go with the tree of wisdom. Is he kind of a badass? The skull is the way to go. Is he the peacekeeper of your life? Sterling peace sign. Your Pendant comes on a 20" black rubber cord necklace with silver lobster clasp. The perfect man's length necklace. Gift boxed and ready to go!

How to Play: Today's tribute is all about Dad, and I am interested in starting a Men's necklace line. So, in the comments section below and to the write, click on the comment link and tell me: 1) Something special about the Dad figure in your life and 2) Suggest what you think a Men's necklace line should have. **Please leave your email address in your entry so i can contact you. You can enter the contest as many times as you wish. Anyone can play.

EXTRA POINTS: If you write about this giveaway in your blog +2 and if you twitter about it +3. Please leave a separate comment each time so that I am aware of it :)

When: I have decided to extend the giveaway throughout the weekend to get some more votes in!!! Be sure to vote up through midnight, sunday the 21st!!

Thanks for playing!! if you just have to grab one of these necklaces, visit my etsy shop


Emily said...

my Dad and i go fishing every summer for a weekend and every year there are super memories. i think some seaside charms like anchors would be nice for men.


Anonymous said...

i will tweet this!


Anonymous said...

My husband is a great dad and his true love is music.
I would have a double bass charm on his necklace.

Gachine said...

my father was always a good provider. one cool memory was going on a cruise, just him and me, to the Bahamas, for my 15th birthday.

i think a men's necklace should be simple. i like long ones with a good-sized pendant looks good.

sue said...

My dad is 82..and I can't ever recall a time when he was unkind. He always puts others before himself and never forgets to tell me he loves me. He is everything I admire in a person...he makes me so very proud to say he's my dad.
I think sterling charms and something with the hammered look...even just a round disc with an initial stamped on it

The Giveaway Diva said...

my dad alwyas puts my sisters first! and he's so carign!

a mens necklace should have thick chains and it should have charms that appeal to men! very simple!

Minta said...

My dad is an unequalled unconditional lover. He loves ever single person he meets - the peace sign or tree of life are both wonderful matches for men. I know many a dad who are also mean i describe as 'engine dudes' -car lovers. A car charm / engine charm would be fun. A wrench would also be a nice addition to your saw charm.

I will tweet this momentarily.


Seesuze said...

My dad has a deep soul. He is a philosopher of life and a sensitive man. I am especially thinking of him this father's day as he was just diagnosed with cancer. I would love for him to have a necklace that would give him strength. The one necklace he wears is always hiding beneath his shirt - it was a cross that my grandma (his mom) used to wear. He has worn it ever since she passed away.

I think that men enjoy jewelry with meaning – pendants that symbolize unity, family, and strength. Perhaps adding stones would aid in the masculinity of the pieces. If there were a line of simple symbols of this, I think men would wear them.

Here is my twitter post for you:

Seesuze said...

Forgot to give you this:

: ) Susan

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