Friday, June 19, 2009

Artwark's Saturday night style weekly pick summer outfit!

Hey All! I'm so excited about the summer season and the awesome outfits! Decided to start a weekly outfit posting on saturdays, perfect for saturday night wear out on the town!! The rain has left a balmy, tropical feel, so I thought i would put together a bright, summer outfit...all the clothing is handmade at Etsy! This outfit is also featured at lillyella's popular blog, in the couture du jour series!

The dress is a gorgeous Coral Grecian Goddess dress, i love how it drapes so nicely! So much easier to wear in the heat and humidity than those clingy fabrics. $53 by ErinLeighheart based in Kansas, one of a kind stunning designs are sold, recently one of her dresses was worn to the MTV awards! Nest Necklace with Apple Green chalcedony is at the top of my wish list right now, so if you want to give me a gift, thats the one!! It reminds me of coral reef or netting by the ocean. And the sea green color of the stone in my fave cut~chubby brio is just irresistable. Fantastic price $24...Check back on tuesday for my interview with Sandra of Friedasophie.

To keep the hair off your neck at the beach, is the eyelet headband i have known about mixbaby for a few years...i met her on Ebay and bought some awesome pieces...and lo and behold, she was al Etsy too!! Anyhow, I just love the stark white in contrast to most hair colors. Its crisp and cooling against a hot day. The finishing touch are these great strappy gladiator sandals The straps are a great burnished gold color and the skinny straps bring to mind bamboo reeds and in general, oceanside...not to mention they really complement that necklace quite well!! I hope you will check out some of these awesome sellers and their gorgeous apparel! Let me know what you think!

If you leave a comment here and at lillyella's site, receive FREE SHIPPING off any item this weekend! Just mention the word COUTURE at checkout. :)

lots of loveeeee :)



hint said...

this is so clever! It's like playing dress up. Love the draping dress look :)

Lou's addictions said...

What a cute dress, great outfit.

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

thanks ladies! :D I sooo want this outfit!

Teela said...

Oh!! Wow!! It's GORGEOUS outfit for summer days... Red dress and flat shoes design is looking great!!

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

Thanks Teela :D

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