Thursday, July 9, 2009

Save a $$ Buck! On your hairstyle!

Every so often, I write a little bit about saving money. When budgets are tight, there are so many ways to really get our money's worth on everyday things. Now like most women, I love to be in style, and frankly, I pride myself on doing so without spending a fortune. One area that is really hard to spend less is on hairstyles. It is true that there is nothing like walking out of the salon with a cutting edge look. However, the way to save a bundle is something I just did today and realized it may help some of you save $$ too.

I have a regular stylist at an upscale salon. He does wonders on my coif and has taken me from long pocahantas hair to a short bob, to blunt bangs, to highlights, what i call my 'signature stripe' as well as my current inverted bob...i just gave up my blonde highlights today (i have black hair) can say i love to change up my style....anyhow, my 'bob' grew out and my roots were getting too obvious, so....

i went to my local supercuts salon and sat down with a stylist of Asian descent with blonde hair...i knew she would understand what i wanted. I have been sick, so i requested she not wet my hair. After 2 tries, she cut it just the way i wanted. Next stop, drug store. Once there, I chose a few colors i liked and held them up to my face while looking in a mirror..they have em riiight next to the hair color NICE! Anyways, I purchased a bottle for $9 and voila!! (aside from the small anxiety i encountered from the TERRIBLE smell of the color) all was well. But i go throught that whenever i color it at sensitive like that :D

The outcome looks great! The cut and color are lovely and chic. I now have deep auburn brown peeking out from jet black hair. Its still summer, but without that fake look of black/blonde combo. Price tag: $25

Summary: I would never give up my main stylist, but since it costs $105 for cut and color, I only go there 2-3 times a year..i never to both at once usually a cut $45 or color $60 at one sitting. By going to the local supercuts or drugstore throughout the rest of the year, it saves at least $300 per year~i only do highlights once in a while.... i hope this is of use to some of ya!! be sure to stop back friday for sat. night styling!


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