Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wednesday Wish List. Black or White. A little tribute to MJ

This week, my tribute to Michael Jackson, King of Pop! The Wednesday wish in Black and White...the combination is lovely and the contrast is so much more rich than just one of the colors alone!
1) Lilies Print $25
2)Flowing Love Earrings $25
3) Handpainted Shoes
4)Triple pearl Earrings $31
5) Damask Unity candle $55
6) Harlequin Match boxes $4.50
7) Louise Brooks necklace $35
8) White Ruffle CHALKBOARD $16

This is such a fun and delightful combination of lovelies :D Nice work to all the Etsy artisans behind these crafts! I love the detail of the damask and filigree work, with swirls and loops! The chalkboard is an incredibly clever way to revamp a frame and so unexpected too! Great way to leave reminders for members of your home in a classy way! The carved bone earrings are just out of this world and they are for regular ear piercings. Each item is interesting and lovely and I hope that you enjoy them!

Sarah: Artwark

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