Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday night style! Sexy secretary goes back to school

1) Black shell blazer with Belt $22
2) Pearl Necklace $120
3) Polka Dot high waist skirt $19.99 SALE
4) Vintage Leather stiletto heel $36.99

Back to school is here, so i thought a crisp office type look would be interesting for those of us not quite in school, but still into the whole Fall Fashion idea. This getup is proper with its high waisted dot skirt reminiscent of the 50's and white pearls. But add the sky high stilettos and low cut blazer and we are talking office chic with a sexy and edgy vibe! So demure, yet hot!

stop by monday for the rescheduled interview of Annie's Powder room (soaps)

Sarah p.s. Have a fab weekend everyone!

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